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Ricochet – Coming Soon

I thought I would update you all on what I have been working on. Currently I am putting together an alpha test version of a side scrolling shooter named Ricochet, created in Unity 3D. Below are some work in progress … Continue reading

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New Website Design

  This week (Jan 30th 2012) came with a moment of inspiration on how to better design my website. Driven by the need to move my site to another server (paid for so it’s now pop-up advert free) I totally redesigned … Continue reading

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AS Logo Design

This is my latest Logo design, based on the idea of having plastic “buttons” and then dropping several in a photo booth. It was modeled and rendered in 3DS Max 2008, and then Photoshop CS3 was used to create the … Continue reading

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Some easy, quick, and effective tips for speeding up renders in 3DS Max

As a frequent user of 3DS Max, and someone who is still learning all of it many complex menu’s and options, I am often looking for tips, tricks, and tutorials. One such tip that I looked for online many times … Continue reading

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Why does it feel like cheating when I use a template/wizard?

As a designer of various disciplines, I often design websites/blogs/profiles etc. Often, these are on sites which have a full customization. So why is it, when I see that edit HTML button, that I feel obliged to use it? This … Continue reading

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